On-demand strategic marketing consulting for nonprofit professionals for as little as $10/month. Yes, we're serious. Insights — it's where nonprofit marketers and fundraising professionals go to grow. 


What is Insights?

This private, members-only Slack workspace delivers you 24/7 access to professional development, education, and personalized support, organized into an array of topic-specific channels (think SEO, digital advertising, email marketing, and more).

Here's How it Works

It's like a social network joined forces with your favorite industry conference—instead of one annual weekend of professional development, you're getting always available feedback on your recruitment and fundraising campaigns and garnering insights on the latest tools, trends, and tactics shaping the future of nonprofit marketing alongside an active community of marketing and fundraising professionals.

And now a quick look at just some of the benefits


With Insights, you get on-demand strategic consulting for as little as $10/month. Yes, we're serious.

You know that moment when you’re about to hit send on an email to 5,000+ prospects?

And these thoughts hit you all at once — Is my subject line good? Is my CTA clear enough? Am I over-utilizing or under-utilizing personalization?

What if you could get a second pair of creative, critical eyes to affirm you’re good to go (or suggest a few ways to increase your chances for email success), without needing to hire a consultant and spend thousands of dollars to you don’t have?

With #feedback channel, you get strategic advice from nonprofit marketing strategists on things like your website copy, your donor communications, your digital ad creative, and so much more...

All in less than 24 hours.


Look, we’re not a market research firm, but The Novus Team is always scheming.

We run secret shopper campaigns, A/B/C/Z email, social, digital tests, and SEO experiments. The #experiments channel grants access to our learnings in realtime — and gives you ideas for how to immediately turn these insights into action within your context.


Virtual events to share ideas and swap stories over coffee, beer, or whatever your favorite brew might be.


On a quarterly basis, The Novus Team will be releasing new e-courses and certifications that insights members will be able to access free of charge.  These courses will be designed to empower nonprofit marketers to become more proficient in social media strategy, email copywriting, digital fundraising, and much more!



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Access to all channels + 30 minute monthly coaching call.

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