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Episode 3: 

On this week’s episode of the podcast, Zach and Frankie discuss important changes to Google’s nonprofit program, how to create eye-popping emails and landing pages with Canva's new desktop application, and creative ideas for A/B email tests nonprofits can run for their next appeal campaign.

Episode 2: 

On this week’s episode of the podcast, Zach and Frankie discuss Google’s latest update to its algorithms (and what this means for nonprofit websites), riff on some of the amazing things Noora Health is doing to train patients and their families with high-impact health skills to improve outcomes and save lives, chat about how to use Drift’s new, free VideoBot to engage donors, and share insights garnered after emailing 20 different nonprofit organizations asking them how they’d use our stimulus checks if we donate the cash to them!

Episode 1: The Pilot 

In the first episode of The Novus Show, Zach and Frankie...

  • Unpack a recent Facebook Advertising update and explain its potential impact on nonprofit organizations

  • Highlight innovative fundraising and storytelling strategies and tactics from HandUp, Newstory, and Invisible People. 

  • Discuss the importance of giving each giving program/giving opportunity its unique brand

  • Vote on which of the nonprofits featured above has "won" our $10 donation for the week!


About the Show (and Why You Should Subscribe)

Each week, The Novus Show explores the trends, technology, strategies, and organizations reshaping the fundraising landscape. You're invited to journey with us as we discover how to attract, engage, and inspire the next generations of advocates. This podcast is for the innovators and envelope-pushers in the nonprofit space — for those dedicated to thinking big and wrestling with hard questions around how to grow their brands, programs, and constituencies.

Let's grow well, together — and have a bit of fun while doing so. 

Our Hosts

Zach Busekrus

Zach Busekrus is the Co-Founder & Chief Brand Strategist at Novus and has spent the past six years helping nonprofit charities and associations develop and launch innovative donor recruitment and retention strategies. He spends most of his days learning about the latest and greatest in marketing technology and brainstorming ways in which to apply these ideas and technologies to the nonprofit fundraising space. 

Francisco Garcia

Francisco ("Frankie") Garcia is a Co-Founder & Lead Digital Strategist at Novus.  He has spent the past five years consulting with charities of all shapes and sizes. He has traveled around the world capturing photos, videos, and stories to help Novus' partner organizations tell their stories in new, compelling ways.  Frankie is passionate about changing the world and helping the "Davids" of the world beat their "goliaths."  

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