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We’re a team of creators, strategists, and technologists who help nonprofit organizations create sustainable tomorrows, today.

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Let’s work together to close gaps that exist around transparency, accountability, and reliability in fundraising. Together, we'll explore the ways in which you can maintain the legacy and integrity of your organization while pivoting to take advantage of the fundraising strategies and tactics that resonate with today's supporters.

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Novus is a creative marketing services agency on a mission to transform the way nonprofits attract, engage, and inspire their constituents.

Let's tell your story in a new way.

We help convert your organization's stories into assets that drive digital audience and digital fundraising growth. We provide data-driven solutions to nonprofit organizations, empowering them to outsmart, not outspend their competitors.

In short, we help Davids beat Goliaths.

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We partner with organizations that are ready to build a sustainable community of advocates that will become the financial supporting beams for tomorrow’s mission projects.

Mission Impact

We partnered with the Divine Word Missionaries to birth a new brand that focused on telling the human story of their mission work.  Mission Impact is a brand dedicated to sharing the tangible impact that the Society of Divine Word Missionaries is having across the globe. Today, Mission Impact generates $100k+/year in online donations, which is 3x more than they have ever raised online.

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Missionhurst CICM struggled to generate new donors online.  Together, we discerned which programs were generating real impact and meaningful attention from prospective donors. We built a new brand, MercyWorks, to house these select programs. In just 7 months, MercyWorks raised more money online than Missionhurst ever did.

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Native Hope

St. Joseph's Indian School had a thriving direct mail program for many years. While this fundraising channel worked well for older generations, they were struggling to attract and convert younger constituents.  St. Joe’s launched Native Hope — a digital advocacy platform for Native Americans that is more conducive to the values of the next generations — and generates tens of thousands of readers to their blog and more than $150,000/year online.

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Candor – honest reviews for the community, by the community. It's sort of like Yelp but for the tools and vendors that surround and support charitable organizations. With Candor, you can discover the right software, partners, agencies, and associations for your nonprofit. Get started by reading reviews or writing one of your own!

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You don't just need a prettier website. You need a brand that puts the donor at the center of your story. 

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